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Bouquets - Soft Handtied

Are you looking for a Classic yet Romantic Bouquet on your Wedding Day?
Soft Pastel coloured Fressias, Roses, Peonies, and Tulips can be designed with visible stems/leaves, and adorned with pearls, semiprecious jewels, berries or ribbons.
Perfect for the bride who wants a Gorgeous Bouquet with an air of simplicity.


Bouquets - Bright Handtied

Bright Handtieds are Exciting, Adventurous, and available in Stunning Colour combinations. Vivid Spring Colours, or Dark Glossy Leaves, with Pepper Berries, Hot Pink Roses, Silver Succulents and Ink Blue Hydrangeas look fantastic. Focus is on detail and tight groupings. Dark Green leaves threaded through the flowers, give a dramatic look, challenging the bright rich colours.


Bouquets - Modern

Contemporary and Modern bouquets are inspired by individuality and flair. Designed with flowers that have definite form and add character such as Lotus Pods, Calla lilies, Orchids, Anthuriums, and Brilliant Tropical Flowers, Ginger Flowers Helliconia flowers and Lush Foliage.
Modern bouquets represent the individuality of the bride and the designer. Perfect for a sophisticated, cosmopolitan style wedding.


Bouquets - Traditional

Trailing, Teardrop or Cascading Bouquets feature flowers that descend below the main portion of the bouquet design.
The voluptuousness of the bouquet is often the main feature of the wedding bouquet. Lilys, Roses, Tulips, Orchids, Freesias, and Jasmine often bejeweled with beads crystals, and organza are chosen to portray the essence of Romanticism.


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