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Arrangements - Table

Table Flowers are wonderful conversation pieces.
Gilded Satin Bags, Ornate Wooden Boxes and Crystal Brandy Glasses are brilliant ideas for containers. Seashells, Candles, Semi-Precious Stones, Candelabras, Floating Candles, Votives and Exotic Fruits can also be included with Table Flowers.


Arrangements - Unusual

Unusual Table Designs are a great way to thank out-of-town guests, bridal party members, and folk who are special to the bride and groom.
Personalised Table pieces are a lovely memory, or take home gift and can be easily personalised by way of a message or name incorporated into the flowers. A small plant, pomander’s (ball of flowers) or chocolates adorned with flowers are just some of the available options.


Arrangements - Outside

Outside Flowers can be Bold and Colourful, or Simply Feature one type of Bloom or Colour. Adventurous Colour Mixes are infinite… from Hot Pink’s, Bright Orange’s, and Spring Green’s to Rich Reds, Deep Yellow’s and Golds Hues.
Marquee Poles, Trees, and Chairs look wonderful decorated with flowers at an outdoor Wedding or Event, along with Floating Flowers and Rose Petals sprinkled on lawns for Garden Weddings.


Arrangements - Pedestal

Imagine a Beautiful Brass Urn overflowing with Colourful Spring Flowers,… Or a Stunning Glass Vase of White Flowers Twigs and Lush Foliage… Perhaps an Exotic Idea with Vibrant Orchids, Tropical Greenery and Bamboo… The options are endless; however, rest assured that Living Colour Flowers will work magic with the style and flowers you choose for your Wedding.


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